FIRST release sunglasses in black

This unique sunglasses of AMOR SAINS is wearable love and inextricably linked with you. It connects you to the AMOR SAINS community. Every piece of AMOR SAINS is the manifestation of pure unconditional love.

Product Information

  • Sunglasses in black
  • Every item has his own id
  • Free sunglasses with purchase of T-shirt and Hoodie

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FIRST release sunglasses

Amor Sains accessoires is conceived in the Netherlands.


Each item is unique and can be registered on your name. (ID is located on the tag) Once you do this you will be part of the Amor Sains Club and you can be invited to exclusive parties.


Amor Sains endeavors to unite the community through the Amor Sains Club. Each apparel carries a distinctive code that enables you to become a part of the community. Upon registering your item, you may receive an invitation to exclusive events from amor sains. Read more about the amor sains club.

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