What is the Amor Sains Club?

The Amor Aains club is a community that connects people who own a piece of Amor Sains. Because people have this, they are invited to exclusive events that Amor Sains organizes.

How can I join the Amor Sains Club?

Each item has a unique code that you can register through this form. Once this registration is approved you will be part of the Amor Sains Club.

How can I Register my Amor Sains item

This can be done by filling in this form.

We ask for this information so that the item is listed on the correct person. All data is stored securely.

How can i be invited for the Amor Sains Events?

Anyone who owns an Armor Sains product can be invited. This is done by a draw. We’ll contact you personaly when you are invited.

Is it possible to buy tickets for the Amor Sains Events?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. But you can bring someone with you if you are invited. This person doesn’t have to be an Amor Sains community member.

How can I change my registered information?

For changing your personal information you need to contact us. Indicate clearly what needs to be changed and we will send an email as soon as this has been adjusted.

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